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Good Characters. That's who we are; that's what we do.

Good Characters. That's who we are; that's what we do. We help you develop high-impact brands for the entire Greater China market and ensure that your message does not get lost in translation.

Founded 2001
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438 East Shaw Avenue #222
Fresno, California 93710
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Someone once said, "If you are one in a million in China, there are more than a thousand others just like you."

Stand out from the crowd!

At Good Characters, our expansive network of Chinese naming specialists and human perception scientists creates names that are distinctive, speak directly to the Chinese, and are perceived favorably in the greater China market.

The team

Andy Chuang (莊志鴻), President

Having lived and studied in both the United States and Taiwan, Andy is an expert in the Chinese and English languages as well as their cultures and idioms. He is comprehensively trained in classical and modern Chinese literature and holds a master's degree in psychology focused on bilingual memory research.

Ann Byers (白曉安), Communications

A writer and editor for over 25 years, Ann has extensive experience in publishing, developing marketing collateral, technical writing, entrepreneurial development, government communications, and public relations. She is equally comfortable writing or tailoring your documents for the mass market or for corporate executives.

Robert V. Levine (樂民), PhD, Persuasion

An award winning professor of Psychology and author of articles in professional journals and trade periodicals, Bob is our expert on psychological research design. His books, A Geography of Time (時間地圖) and The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and Sold (收買與出賣的秘密) have been subjects of feature stories around the world and have been translated into Chinese and five other languages.

Good Characters employs people residing in three major cities of Greater China. They are fully immersed in the culture, on top of current trends, and ready to put the best local team together for your project.

How do we get started?

Whether you are a branding manager or a corporate naming consultant, a typical project starts with identification of the desired brand image. Once branding goals are clarified, Good Characters hand picks a team of professionals with expertise in your industry and develops a proposal outlining the scope and estimated cost of our services.