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So You Want a Chinese Name?

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How about Japanese names?
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Ways To Get Your Chinese Name
1. Personal Naming Packages
My Chinese Name - Basic
My Japanese (Katakana) Name
My Korean (Hangul) Name
My Chinese Name - Deluxe Package
2. Professional Naming Packages
Package I - The Queen
Package II - The King
Package III - The Ace
3. Personal Name Stamp
For just $48, you can have your Chinese name transferred onto a high quality, personalized stamp. With four styles to choose from, this stamp helps you add your own unique signature wherever you go! Your name stamp is small enough (.5" square) to fit easily into your pocket and because it's self-inking and self-contained, there is no fuss or muss when adding your personal touch to any item. If you use the stamp daily, you'll probably only have to replace the built-in ink-pad once a year, for merely $3.95. The stamp will last for years. Your total ownership cost is less than a penny a day. Needless to say, it's a must have. Go
Whether you're purchasing the personal name stamp, a wax seal, or our embroidered apparel, you may also want to consider purchasing a meaning certificate which provides detailed explanations of each characters meanings and related terms. It costs an additional $50, but it's well worth it.
4. Custom Wax Seal
Similar to the Personal Name Stamp, except that you'll receive an old-fashion wax seal. We haven't seen Chinese wax seals offered elsewhere, so we'd say this is a Good Characters Exclusive. Engraved in brass, the seal can also be used as a regular stamp with an ink-pad. It's very popular. People use it to seal greeting cards, invitations, and to stamp important certificates. Go
5. Personalized Embroidered Apparel
You can also have your Chinese name embroidered onto a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, or a variety of other garments for just $48 to $75. If this seems like a lot to pay for personalized embroidered apparel, you're welcome to shop around. Your local embroidery shop will charge you $75 to $150 just for the setup (digitizing) and probably requires a minimum order. In the case of t-shirts, the minimum purchase is usually a couple dozen shirts, so you're talking about a bill of at least ten times more, elsewhere. Our personalized apparel is of the highest quality that you can find on the market. Most of our garments are heavyweight 100% cotton that holds its shape and lasts for a long time (we know because we wear them). The embroidered characters have richer colors and texture than iron-on or screen-printed designs used by others; these simply can't compare. Go
You have come to the right place.

Congratulations! If you are serious about getting a good Chinese name, you have come to the right place. We are Good Characters, the most respected company in North America specializing in the art and science of Chinese naming.

Who we are.

We are a California-based company specializing in linguistic analysis in Chinese languages, Chinese brand naming, trademark research, and graphic design for North American companies wishing to tap into the Greater China markets.

What we do.

Our main business is providing American corporations with the best Chinese naming strategies so they can compete and succeed in China, the fastest-growing market in the world.

Do we provide services for individuals?

Absolutely! Generally, you won't see a professional naming firm providing services for individuals simply because it's not usually worth a company's time. And who could possibly afford, or need, professional naming services that start at $10,000? You probably came to this page to get your name translated into Chinese, nothing more.

Good Characters can help. We're different from most professional naming companies. We want to provide you with an affordable name translation -- more correctly, transliteration, simply because we're tired of seeing so many poorly transliterated Chinese names in America. You deserve better! We want to show you the true beauty and adaptability of the Chinese characters by personalizing a Chinese name that reflects YOU as a person, not simply issue you one of a thousand stock names.

How do we compare to others?

If you search the Internet, you will find many Chinese name translation services with prices ranging from $0 to about $50. Some low-cost translations are personal or small Web sites that take Paypal and other forms of payments. You may even find some free translation offers on Web sites selling Chinese goods and using name translation to attract customers. These offers sound great, and you may even get a free name. But... you get what you pay for. We find that many of these free or low-cost names are either poorly or carelessly translated.

With us, you get good characters, everytime. Guaranteed.

Good Characters is unique because we are not a general translation agency. Chinese naming is all we do.

Just so you'll remember us . . .

Good Characters' founder, Andy Chuang, is the first in his family's 1,500-year history to master not only the Chinese and English languages, but also the idioms and cultures associated with each. His comprehensive training in classical and modern Chinese literature, coupled with an advanced American psychology degree in bilingual memory research, adds to the uniqueness and competency of our company.

You will also benefit from Good Characters' expansive network of talented consultants who are trained in a variety of disciplines and who reside in all major Greater China markets.

A word about tattoos.


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