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Replacement Ink-pad for Printy 4921

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Genuine Trodat Replacement Pads
Genuine Trodat Replacement Pad, Red
Genuine Trodat Replacement Pad, Black
For Use With
Good Characters:
•  Personal Name Stamp
•  Chinese Symbol Stamp
•  4921 Printy
•  492150 Printy
Trodat Printy 4921

Trodat Replacement Pads: Black, Blue, Red, Violet, and GreenQuantity discounts available when you purchase 10 or more ink pads. $3.95
$9.95 flat rate for shipping entire order in the USA. See details for express and international shipping.
Usually ships the next business day 
Replacement inkpad for the Trodat models 4921 and 492150.

The inkpad that accompanies your stamp is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before the first replacement. You may order an extra inkpad at the time of your first stamp order (to save shipping) or wait until you need one.

To replace an old inkpad just follow these four simple steps:
  1. Push the stamp down to about one quarter of an inch.
  2. While holding it down, use the other hand to press the locking mechanism (the red bottoms on the sides) so the stamp will remain stationary.
  3. Gently push the old inkpad out.
  4. Then put the new inkpad in place.

Select your replacement pad color:

Red  Black  Blue  Green  Violet 


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