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Add a touch of professional authenticity
to your certificates.

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Big Official Stamp

Stamp Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.75" x 3.75"
Print Size: 2.5" x 2.5" (6.35 cm)

Customer Reviews
Excellent. Thanks very much for the last stamp you sent me, excellent quality.
Alan, Manchester, United Kingdom
Excellent. Excellent product and service. This is the second time I've used Good Characters for my needs. I plan to continue doing so in the future.
D'veed, Jerusalem, Israel
Fabian, Ocala, FL
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$120.00 & Quantity discounts available when you purchase five or more stamps.
$9.95 flat rate for shipping entire order in the USA. See details for express and international shipping.
Usually ships within 7 to 14 business days.
Better Together
Buy this stamp with Martial Arts Master Stamp
We will customize this Tenkoku style stamp with the translation of your dojo, association, or organization name into ancient Chinese Seal Characters (also known as Tensho in Japan and Hanja in Korea.)

Add a touch of professional authenticity to your certificates, awards, documents, cards, and books. This high quality pre-inked stamp is completely self-contained in an impact-resistant, durable case which assures a long, trouble-free operating life. This stamp is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before it needs to be re-inked.

Follow these 3 easy steps to order your Big Official Certificate Stamp:

1. Enter the text for your stamp:

Enter your school or organization name to be translated. If you already know the characters you want, you can also enter them here, or you can mail or fax them to us.


There is a one-time charge of $25 for basic translation of a short custom phrase, martial arts school name, or a personal name. No translation charges for stock designs. An advanced translation package is required for any business name, brand name, tag line, or motto.

Not applicable
Will e-mail or mail or fax characters.
Use Translation #
Use Symbol #
Same as previous Order #
Basic: Translate to Chinese. Add $25.
Basic: Translate to Japanese Kanji. Add $25.
Basic: Translate to Japanese Katakana. Add $25.
Basic: Translate to Korean Hanja. Add $25.
Basic: Translate to Korean Hangul. Add $25.
Will order translation package ($50 to $250)

2. Select your ink color:

Red  Black  Blue 
Green  Violet   

May we recommend red, since red is considered the official color of the Chinese culture.

3. Tell us a bit more about yourself:

This is for: (check all that apply)
Myself  Business  Friend  Family 

Do you have a website?

What martial arts styles does your school teach?

What is your school slogan or motto?

What else would you like us to know about your school.

You may also want to consider purchasing:

1 ink-refill. Add $7.95
2 ink-refills. Add $15.90
 Recommended purchase if you are a large business, anticipate high volume use, or want to save on future shipping charges.
Upsize to 3.25" x 3.25". Add $45
  Print size 60% larger than the 2.5".
Certificate of Meaning. Add $50
  Recommended purchase for display in your school or place of business. This frameable Certificate explains the meaning of each of the characters used in your seal. Knowing the meaning and proper pronunciation of these characters enhances your professional image and conveys a deeper sense of cultural appreciation.
Image for your Web site. Add $39.95
  By selecting this choice, your seal image will be sent to you electronically for use on your website or your computer. GIF image file @ 72dpi.
Image for Web & print. Add $79.95
  By selecting this choice, your seal image will be sent to you electronically for use on your website or your computer (GIF image file @ 72dpi) and we also include a high resolution file for use in printing letterheads, business cards or any other material (TIF image file @ 600dpi).


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