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Decorative Mini Spring Couplets

1. Three spring couplets:

Spring couplets are traditionally posted on the front door of the house — on top horizontally, and on both sides vertically. Since the Internet is virtually a door to the world, we’ve designed these couplets to fit on your computer monitor.

Let’s celebrate and welcome the auspicious festivity and may the abundance be forever.

Post the one on the right of the three (shown above) vertically on the right edge of your computer monitor. It reads 天增歲月人增壽, meaning heaven add years and people gain ages. more . . .

2. The arrival of spring:

The arrival of spring

Cut just inside the dotted lines so no line appears on the cut square. For a perfectly straight cut, use a knife instead of scissors. This image, traditionally placed in a diamond shape, is the Chinese character for “spring” positioned upside down; it symbolizes the arrival of spring. You can post this sign on a door or anywhere in the house to celebrate the New Year. Position it as a diamond, with the square shape on the character pointed up and the tip of the character at the bottom. more . . .

3. Be full to overflowing:

Be full to overflowing

Cut out and turn this 45°. Post it on your rice container, refrigerator, piggy bank, treasure box, or safe. It’s the symbol for full, filled, packed. May your piggy bank be full to overflowing. Just don’t paste it on your [fat] belly! more . . .

4. Congratulations and wishing you to be prosperous:

This Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) or Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese) means “congratulations and wishing you to be prosperous [for the new year].” It is the most common greeting for the Chinese New Year. You can post it on a door or a wall. You would really make your server’s day if you tip the server by handing a copy of this auspicious sign (along with a monetary gratuity, of course!). more . . .