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Recommended spring couplet paper:

Good Characters distributes authentic, actual size Chinese spring couplet paper and calligraphy supplies. The red couplet papers are not typical products you can get from office supply stores. They are fine textured with a traditional Chinese watermark background pattern. Please visit Good Characters Calligraphy for a complete product list. We have limited stock, so please hurry.

Recommended brushes for writing spring couplets:

The typical character for a spring couplet is at least 4 inches in size. Use large or extra large brushes. Use an inexpensive large brush if quick drying ink is used because quick drying ink, if not cleaned from the brush in time, could damage the brush.

Chinese calligraphy brushes Chinese calligraphy brushes detail view 1Chinese calligraphy brushes detail view 2

Recommended ink stone, ink stick, and liquid ink for writing spring couplets:

If you are hosting a public spring couplet writing event, you don’t have time to grind your ink. The solution is to use only liquid ink and put it on the ink stone or ink well. An ink stone’s large surface and its raised edge allows you to glide your brush on it to smooth the brush hair back to its sharp-pointed form.

Ink, ink stone, and inkstick Elegant Style Multipurpose Bottled Ink Elegant Style Bottled Ink Medium Plum Flower Economy Inkstone Medium Economy Pine Soot Inkstick Small

Recommended Chinese calligraphy sample books:

Examples of auspicious spring couplets written in historical calligraphy masters’ styles. Use these books as your guide for creating spring couplets for your friends. Through practice, your skill will improve year after year.

Chinese calligraphy sample book

Teachers: Visit Resources to download free resources for your students.