In January 2005 Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-Bak asked China, Taiwan, and Singapore to adopt Shou'er as the new official transliterated Chinese name for Seoul instead of Hancheng, the historical name of the city from 1394 to 1910. Yahoo!'s official Chinese name is Ya Hu. Ya is refined and graceful. Hu is tiger. It not only sounds like its English name, but also translates nicely, meaning "graceful tiger."
Register your trademarks early and register your Chinese name even if you do not plan to use it right away. Take control of your Chinese name and image. Seoul has done it.
Starbucks opened its first cafe in China in 1999. Xing Ba Ke is the name used in Chinese. Xing, pronounced shing, means star, and Ba Ke, or bah kuh, sounds like the English word bucks.
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