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What Can an Official Chinese Name Do for You?

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Chinese Business Card for Sonia Luna Chinese Business Card for Sonia Luna

Chinese Business Card for Paul Jackson Chinese Business Card for Paul Jackson

As the Chinese proverb says, "Talk doesn't cook rice." Merely thinking about a Chinese name does nothing for you. When you take action by developing a good Chinese name, three positive outcomes result:
  1. You help your Chinese associates remember your name.
  2. You save people face. When people don't know how to pronounce your name in English, they can always call you by your Chinese name without feeling embarrassed.
  3. You demonstrate that you are passionate about the Chinese market and culture.
If you'd like a free report about the fundamentals of Chinese naming and Chinese business card etiquette, go to goodcharacters.com/

and fill in your name and e-mail address. The report will be e-mailed to you automatically within minutes.

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