Ma Li Ru Hai Si is the official Chinese name Good Characters developed for tea expert Mary Lou Heiss.
Bonnie Ward has taken her adopted daughters' Chinese surname, Chang as her own
Lisa Jung is a very enthusiastic person who enjoys life. Her family name Jung, pronounced jahng, has been transliterated in many ways such as Jung, Chang, Cheung, or Zhang.
Author Mike Swanick is thrilled that we chose Shuang-Ying, meaning win-win, as his Chinese translation for Swanick.
Inspired by her watercolors and sumi-e artwork and personal philosophy, Zi Fan is the artist name for Violet Malone.
The founder of SOX consulting firm SOX Solutions Sonia Luna was well prepared with a good Chinese name, Sha Ni Ya Ru Na, and business card before she went to China, "The trip [to China] was a great success," she said.
For Sean McNeely, a curious person and the CIO of a marketing firm, Xiang is a unique name that relates to his profession, interests, and curiosity.
You might consider Adam to be the first human namer: Genesis 2:19
It's very common for Chinese to adopt an "American" name when they start to learn English or come to America.
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