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Danger: Has Been Found by Baidu

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Baidu's Google look-alike website. Baidu's Google look-alike website.

Bai Du - Baidu

Bai Du - Belly Up
Baidu's website, name, and logo certainly look like those of Google. The name Baidu, inspired by an ancient poem, has as its literal meaning hundreds of times. This represents the persistent search for the ideal, echoing Google's creative misspelling of Googol (10 to the power of 100) that refers to a very large number. And the Baidu logo, a dog's paw print, trades on a common local unofficial transliteration of Google, "gou gou," meaning "dog dog."

The name Baidu can also mean a hundred degrees. The most obvious negative connotation the name brings to mind is the similar sounding term bai du, literally white belly, meaning belly up.

As of May 2006, Baidu has close to a 60 percent share of the Chinese search market, a strong showing with no sign that it is going belly up. Google, which has 30 percent of the market share, owned shares of Baidu but sold them all in June 2006.

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