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Chinese Naming: Danger + Opportunity

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Chinese Naming: Danger + Opportunity Newsletter April 2004 Introduction The Branding Crisis. Danger and Opportunity. Chinese language map and Chinese by the numbers Martial Arts + Chinese Characters Naming and Branding
Chinese Naming: Danger + Opportunity Newsletter April 2004 Nissan Bluebird. Mandarin. Minnan. What's with the Grid. Wal-Mart Not Mom Can It Get Faster Than Flying? They're Lovin' It. Simplified characters. Interested in writing Chinese characters?
April 2004

Crisis in written Chinese is composed of two famous characters: danger and opportunity, aptly capturing the yin-yang of penetrating the Chinese market...
  1. The Branding Crisis
  2. Introduction
  3. Danger: Nissan Bluebird
  4. Danger: Wal-Mart, Not Mom
  5. Opportunity: They're Lovin' It
  6. Opportunity: Can It Get Faster Than Flying?
  7. Chinese by the Numbers
  8. Martial Arts
  9. Are You Considering a New Company or Brand Name?
About Us: Good Characters specializes in Chinese brand naming and evaluation. Based in California's San Joaquin Valley, we serve North American companies doing business in the Greater China markets.


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