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Why Good Characters?

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What attributes of your service are distinct from those of competitors?

Good Characters is not a translation or ad agency that offers naming as a side service; Chinese brand naming is our specialty.

Good Characters' owner, Andy Chuang, is the first in his family's 1,500-year history to completely master not only the Chinese and English languages, but also the idioms and cultures associated with each. His comprehensive training in classical and modern Chinese literature, plus an advanced American psychology degree in bilingual memory research, adds to the uniqueness and competency of our company. Your company will benefit from Good Characters' expansive network of talented consultants who are trained in a variety of disciplines and who reside in all major Greater China markets.

Why should I choose your service?

If you are a Fortune 1000 company or a fast growing company that wants to attract Chinese interests or expand into the Greater China market, you should consider using us. When you have millions of marketing budget and your company's future at stake, you want to ensure that you have the best brand name.


Your brand name is the most important decision that you can make for your marketing project. A small investment in a naming service not only helps successfully expand your business, but also helps your company avoid potential embarrassment and costly mistakes.


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Why Good Characters?

Good Characters is a local company in the U.S.A. In order to find an equally qualified competitor, you must go to the other side of the world.

Good Characters is convenient. We know that you are very busy. As such, we facilitate the process by by having our staff available to speak to you at your convenience, not at odd hours.

Good Characters is cost-effective. By being local and available to serve you at your convenience, the costs associated with doing business with one another (i.e. travel, telephone, FedEx, and other charges) are greatly reduced.

Good Characters is trust-worthy. Good Character's owner is an established U.S. businessman, trustworthy in all aspects through sound business and ethical practices.

Good Characters goes the extra mile to meet your needs. We do not only "translate" your name; we observe, interview, research, and, present you with a brand name options that will help you establish a strong, positive, and long-lasting impression in the Chinese languages.

Our Chinese naming reports are the most comprehensive in the field. Your American and Chinese brand names will be reviewed and linguistically analyzed by up to 12 members for connotations and associations in all four major Chinese languages: Mandarin (Beijing), Taiwanese (Ming Nan), Shanghaiese (Wu), and Cantonese.

We are the only company that will provide you with three comprehensive naming reports to help you ensure the success of deploying your new winning Chinese name:
  1. The Decision Maker Report: This is a comprehensive report for you, the Decision Maker. It explains, in detail, all of the important positive and negative connotations your brand name has in four major Chinese languages. Using our own Nine Factor analysis method, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your brand name. It is like a pre-planned Chinese branding strategy. You will be ready and able to take advantage any opportunities that may arise, as well as be prepared to troubleshoot any branding related dangers.

  2. The Battle Field Report: This is an educational branding guide to equip all your employees of the best branding practices, ensuring the ultimate marketing victory.

  3. The PR Report: This is the English and Chinese Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How media kit to publicize your official Chinese brand name in China and in America.
There are both opportunities and dangers to consider when engaging a business in a new market. In China, the opportunity is that most people perceive American services and products as world-class. Because American companies are viewed as capable and resourceful, the danger is that any imperfection in Chinese naming will be viewed, at best, as a lack of concern by the American company, and at worst, as a sign that the company is not trust-worthy.

If you are a market leader you will need a good name in order to maintain your leading edge in China. If you are a market follower, the opportunity is there for you to use a good Chinese name to win people's minds and redefine your position in the new market. With its middle class being as large as the whole United States population, marketing in China can help you establish your position as a leading company in America.

List the liabilities of doing business with you.

Language is living and evolving. A new term or new slang in China may one day generate negative associations for your brand name. Our comprehensive naming process eliminates most of these possibilities by offering long-term consulting and monitoring services to anticipate and mitigate any potential future pitfalls.

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