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Are you considering a new company or brand name?

If so, it would be important to run a Chinese cultural and linguistic test before deciding on a new name, even if you are not planning to launch your product in China. A linguistic test will minimize the chance of creating a name that sounds profane or has negative associations in the various Chinese languages.

A name should be tested in Mandarin (the official Chinese language), Taiwanese (also called Ming or Hokkien), and Cantonese. These are the three languages most widely spoken by Chinese in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in countries that have a million or more Chinese in their populations - the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Typical Scenario:
  1. Your team has compiled a short list of name candidates.
  2. You want a formal check of potential positive and negative connotations associated with names in major Chinese markets and various Chinese languages.
  3. You want the analysis to be fast, thorough, and reliable.
Old Way

You ask Chinese employees and friends to evaluate name candidates without the supervision of a knowledgeable Chinese linguist or naming advisor.

Potential Pitfalls:
  • Incomplete and inconsistent reporting from untrained respondents makes it difficult for you to interpret the findings. Speaking the language does not automatically make one a qualified cultural and linguistic evaluator.
  • Your Chinese contacts are likely to be limited in the languages they know.
New Way

You ask professionals from Good Characters who have years of experience in cultural and linguistic evaluation to prepare a summary of findings for you. You save time, money, and potential embarrassment by identifying Chinese connotations and meanings for each name.

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