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Take China Red E and be China-Ready

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Why Good Characters
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Enclosed is your prescription for business growth. If you are interested in expanding into or improving your position in the Greater China market, we can help.

We are Good Characters, experts in Chinese naming, branding, and marketing. We help businesses that want to break into this lucrative market become China-ready, and we help companies already in the market stay on top.

Success in Chinese-speaking markets requires an attractive and informative Web page as well as first-rate news and marketing materials in the Chinese language. For Chinese reporters and buyers to choose your products over those of your competitors, your printed materials must not only capture their attention, but also communicate effectively and professionally. Sales can be lost when poorly written brochures fail to adequately represent a product or poor translations confuse readers.

The solution is in the bottle of China E. Each butter mint represents a critical step in positioning your company for maximum profit in the Greater China market. Let these mints refresh your mouth and let our creative strategies refresh your business.

Please accept this complimentary bottle and call us for a refill.

Your representative in the China market,

Good Characters

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