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All corporate projects are kept completely confidential. Your data is never published (except when a client has agreed to publish limited information about a project for PR reasons). 

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Developing a corporate brand name requires several steps:


  • Survey client
  • Collect background material
  • Meet with client
  • Identify desired brand image
  • Identify target markets
  • Identify target audiences
  • Identify corporate relationships
  • Determine price points, features, benefits, promises
  • Describe core essence
  • Formulate positioning statement
  • Perform competitive analysis


  • Prepare naming brief
  • Create name
  • Receive global Chinese input
  • Receive China input
  • Receive Hong Kong input
  • Receive Taiwan input
  • Receive client input

Evaluation and Selection

  • Perform legal evaluation
  • Perform cultural and linguistic analysis
  • Perform marketing evaluation


  • Create visual identity
  • Create experiential identity
  • Make trademark applications
  • Prepare internal announcement
  • Prepare public announcement