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Seven Reasons for a Good Chinese Name

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Chinese Name

I already have a name. Why do I need a Chinese name?

Seven reasons you need a Chinese name from a naming professional:
  1. Many Chinese may have difficulty remembering your non-Chinese name or knowing how it is pronounced just by reading it in English.
  2. To help people remember or pronounce your name, your Chinese business associates may create a Chinese name for you. You might not like the name they create.
  3. To write reports about you in Chinese publications, Chinese reporters will create a Chinese name for you if you don't already have one. You might not like the name they create.
  4. If more than one person writes about or refers to you, you could end up with several versions of your Chinese name. The different versions will confuse your customers.
  5. When an amateur gives you a Chinese name, it may have connotations you will not like.
  6. Once people start to associate you with a name, it is difficult for you to ask them to change the name without offending them.
  7. Naming professionals can create a Chinese name that has good meanings, sounds like your English name, and clearly identifies you.
"Talk doesn't cook rice." Three positive impacts you create by having a good Chinese name and business card:
  1. You help your Chinese associates remember your name.
  2. You save people face. When people don't know how to pronounce your name in English, they can call you by a Chinese name without feeling embarrassed.
  3. You show that you are passionate about the Chinese market and culture.

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