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Top 10 reasons you need a naming professional to design a Chinese name for you

  1. There are hundreds of different ways an English name can be translated into Chinese. Only a carefully selected Chinese name will win respect and open doors in the Greater China market.
  2. In the U.S., Chinese (Mandarin) is the 3rd most commonly spoken language according to Census 2000. Only English and Spanish have more speakers.
  3. In the world, more people speak Chinese as their native language than speak English and Spanish combined.
  4. China is becoming the world's largest economic superpower.
  5. Many Chinese may have difficulty remembering your non-Chinese name or knowing how it is pronounced.
  6. If you don't have a Chinese translation of your name, Chinese business associates as well as reporters may create names for you. You might not like the names they create.
  7. If more than one person writes about or refers to you, you could end up with several versions of your Chinese name. The different versions will confuse your clients.
  8. When an enthusiastic amateur gives you a Chinese name, it is done with little or no marketing or branding consideration. It may also have connotations you will not like.
  9. Once people start to associate you with a name, it is difficult for you to ask them to change the name without offending them.
  10. Hiring a Chinese naming specialist to translate your name into Chinese lets you take charge of your image. Ordinary translators simply translate; naming experts have expertise in Chinese naming. They can create a Chinese name that has good meanings, sounds like your English name, and clearly identifies you.

Professionals from Good Characters, Inc. have years of experience and are dedicated to Chinese naming. We will work with you and help your clients to develop high-impact personal and corporate brands for the entire Greater China market and ensure that your message does not get lost in translation.