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Trusted Korean Hangul Transliteration

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My Korean Name Package
Name Transliteration
Many people do not realize that Korean names are written with Chinese characters. Please read Korean Names if you are not familiar with the subject.
Example: William
Hanja Hangul
Hanja not included in this package. Hanja literally means "Chinese characters." If the above is the type of characters you like, you want Chinese Name Packages instead. Hangul is visually meaningless, merely phonetic.
Four Digital Artworks
Three full-color JPG files (1024 x 768) for use as screen saver or desktop background.
One Black-and-white GIF file

Hangul Script

Step-by-Step Procedures
1 Fill out the order form on the right and click "Add to Cart" to go through the secure online ordering process.
2 Once your order is placed, you will immediately receive an automatic order confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within two hours, click here for troubleshooting.
3 You will receive a personal e-mail giving the estimated completion date of your Korean name project and asking questions we may have regarding your order. We then begin the research for translation of your hangul name.
4 Final hangul name artwork digital files will be e-mailed to you immediately once package design is completed.

Many Customers Also Bought
My Chinese Name Basic Package
This is also known as the Korean hanja name. It's the main kind of Korean name. Almost all Korean people have names that are exclusively hanja (han- "Chinese," -ja"characters"). Thus, a Korean name, when written, is simply a Chinese name. There merely remains a difference in pronunciation when spoken.
Custom Embroidered Shirts
You can have your new Korean name embroidered onto a t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, or a variety of other garments for just $35 to $50. The embroidered characters have richer colors and texture than iron-on or screen-printed designs used by others; they simply can't compare.
Receive a good Korean hangul name from a trusted source for just $50.00
Turnaround Time
Usually ships in 5-7 business days. This amount of time is needed to thoroughly and correctly transliterate your name. Unlike other companies, we strongly believe that your name's quality is far more important than instant "art" or rushed projects.
This package is designed for you who don't have access to a knowledgeable and trustworthy fluent Korean speaker and would like your name transliterated into Korean hangul. Customers often purchase this as a separate addition to recommended hanja (Chinese character) packages. The hangul package includes transliteration and digital artwork files.

Chinese naming requires years of training and extensive knowledge of Chinese culture, but any fluent Korean speaker can phonetically transliterate your name into hangul reasonably well.

However, a direct transliteration can have negative associations. A native speaker educated in Korea for at least twelve years can detect any such negative associations and alter the transliteration to eliminate them. Beginning or even intermediate Korean speakers cannot do this because they do not have enough vocabulary and the full understanding of the social and cultural connotations of Korean slang. Good Characters employs competent, well educated, native Korean translators.

What You Get:

Transliteration of your name into Korean hangul characters by one of our Korean translators.

Four artwork files of your hangul name for use on your computer or Web site. All files PC- and Mac-compatible:
  • Three full-color JPG files (1024 x 768) for use as screen saver, desktop background, etc.
  • One black-and-white GIF file.

Lifetime Tech Support:

Even after the project is finalized, call us with any concerns, such as how to pronounce your name in Hangul or what the correct stroke sequence is.

To Order:

1. Enter your name:

Enter the name you want translated into Korean: first name only, last name only, or your full name. If you would like us to consider your middle name in the translation, please spell it out.

2. Unusual name? How is it pronounced?

Especially if your name is unusual or in a language other than English, we need precise pronunciation to match your name with appropriate characters. A naming consultant may call you to hear you pronounce your name.

3. Optional: Tell us more about yourself:

The information you provide allows us to know you better as a unique individual.

This is for: (check all that apply)
Myself  Business  Friend  Family 

Do you have a personal website?

Why do you want a Korean name?

If you are thinking about tattooing your Korean name, please read these warnings.

Personality or interests?

Age:  <20 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s+

What else would you like us to know about you?

Special instructions:


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