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The K
Product Information
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Chinese Naming Blog

For business professionals who want to differentiate themselves and create a unique personal brand in China. Our Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Shanghainese personal naming specialists will work together to create a Chinese name that not only sounds like your English name, has excellent meanings, and is pleasing to the eye, but also hints at your personality or profession.
  • Expert translation
  • Naming choices
  • Name matched to distinctive traits or interests of individual
  • Connotation evaluation
  • Mandarin evaluation
  • Taiwanese evaluation
  • Cantonese evaluation
  • Shanghainese evaluation
  • Simplified & traditional Chinese characters
  • Camera-ready artwork
  • Ready in 7 days
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

To Order:

1. Describe your business card:

2. Enter your name for translation:

Enter the name you want translated into Chinese: first name only, last name only, or your full name. If you would like us to consider your middle name in the translation, please spell it out.
3. Unusual name? How is it pronounced?

Especially if your name is unusual or in a language other than English, we need precise pronunciation to match your name with appropriate characters. A naming consultant may call you to hear you pronounce your name.

4. Do you have any other names?

Enter nickname, pen name, artist name, or spirit name that you want us to consider translating into Chinese. If you want us to brainstorm an authentic Chinese name based on other information, please enter it here as well.

5. Tell us more about yourself:

The information you provide allows us to create a name that reflects you as a unique individual.

This is for: (check all that apply)
Myself  Business  Friend  Family 

Do you have a personal website?

Why do you want a Chinese name?

Personality or interests?

Age:  <30 30s 40s 50s 60s+

What else would you like us to know about you?

6. Optional: Tell us more:

What else would you like us to know about the project?

Special instructions:

  Files. Standard 7-business-day service
  Files. Rush 3-business-day service. Add $150.
  Files and 1000 two-side 12 pt. high resolution business card printing. 14-business-day service. Add $150.

Inspired by your name and profession: $999.00
7 Day
Receive your files electronically by the 7th business day after you place your order.
3 Day
Receive your files electronically by the 3rd business day after you place your order. Add $150.
Satisfaction guaranteed. We will give you your money back if anyone else can come up with a better Chinese name for you than we can.
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