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Chinese, Japanese, & Korean Name Packages

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Hello and welcome to the most trusted source for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names on the Internet. If you are serious about getting a good name you have come to the right place.

Guaranteed Good Characters
My Chinese Name $50
Popular among students and people who simply love Asian characters, this affordable naming package ensures that your Chinese (also known as Japanese kanji or Korean hanja ) name has a positive meaning, sounds like your English name, and is pleasing to the eye.
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• Name Translation
• Digital Files
• Lifetime Support
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
My Japanese Name $50
Popular among Anime enthusiasts, this package offers the transliteration of your name into Japanese katakana.
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• Name Translation
• Digital Katakana Files
• Lifetime Support
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
My Korean Name $50
Similar to the Japanese Package above except this is in Korean, for you who need your name in Korean hangul.
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• Name Translation
• Digital Hungul Name Files
• Lifetime Support
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
Inspired by Your Name and Personality
Create a lasting positive impression with a Chinese name that not only sounds like your English name, has an excellent meaning, and is pleasing to the eye, but also hints at your personality or profession. For individuals who appreciate the value of professional services, this package includes three possible translations by up to three naming consultants; high-resolution, camera-ready artwork; digital files for use on your own computer, Web site, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes; and beautiful digital (.pdf) and color-printed Certificates of Meaning with detailed character-by-character explanation of meanings and related terms.
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• 3 Name Translations
• Camera-Ready Artwork
• Digital Files for Web
• Digital Files for Print
• 3 Certificates of Meaning
• Lifetime Support
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
Expert Advice and Training Included
Which package do I need? Can you show me some examples of the cards?
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I. The Queen $499
For most business professionals doing business with China.
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• Expert translation
• Connotation evaluation
• Simplified & Traditional
• Camera-ready artwork
• Satisfaction guaranteed
II. The King $999
For business professionals who want to differentiate themselves and create a unique personal brand in China.
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• Naming choices
• Mandarin evaluation
• Taiwanese evaluation
• Cantonese evaluation
• Shanghainese evaluation
III. The Ace $1,499
For corporate leaders with national and international media exposure.
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• Chinese-styled names
• Japanese evaluation
• Korean evaluation
• In-depth naming report
• Pronunciation files

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