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Possible Reasons for Chinese Business Card

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Chinese Business Card

Possible Reasons for Having a Chinese Business Card
  1. You are traveling to China for business.
  2. You are told that you need to have your business card translated to Chinese.
  3. You think you need Chinese business cards.
Old Way of Obtaining Chinese Business Card

You call a multi-language translation agency. The agency charges $50 for doing translation and typesetting your Chinese card.

Potential Pitfalls
  1. Your name is translated with little or no marketing or branding consideration.
  2. You might be told the meaning of the name, and it may or may not be accurate.
  3. You have no way of judging the quality of translation.
New Way That We Recommend
  1. Make sure you really need it. Review seven reasons for having a Chinese name to see if one or more applies to your situation.
  2. Hire only the best. Professionals from Good Characters have years of experience and are dedicated to Chinese naming.
  3. Plan to win in China. Choose from three packages the one that fits your needs.
  4. The result is a highly respected name that is free from potential embarrassment. A one-time investment yields benefits for years to come.
Note: It takes time and research to create a good name. Our professional team accepts only a limited number of projects per week. Review the three packages. Place your order early to avoid delays.

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