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Martial Arts Authentication Stamps

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Hello and welcome to the trusted source for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean martial arts certificate stamps on the Internet. If you are serious about building a brand you have come to the right place

Sample Name Description
Dojo Certificate Stamp

Dojo Certificate Stamp

Also known as School or Association Stamp

Authenticate your certificate and documents or simply draw attention with this mark of your school name written in ancient Chinese seal characters. Same type of script used to make official seals for Chinese and Japanese emperors. May require one of the name translation packages.
Martial Arts Master Stamp

Martial Arts Master Stamp

Also known as Instructor Stamp

Your name and title in ancient Chinese seal characters, the type of script respected by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean elites for 3,000 years. A must for authenticating and issuing your documents and certificates. May require one of the name translation packages.
Security Stamp

Security Stamp

Also known as Edge Stamp

Typically says "Certificate issued by [name of your school]." This stamp is used for record keeping and authentication. Stamp on an edge of your certificate so half of the mark appears on the certificate and the other half on your record book. An ancient tradition. May require one of the name translation packages. Call or e-mail for info.

At this time, we don't have a separate page for ordering this stamp. Please use the Master Stamp page to order Master or Security Stamp. The only difference is that for Security Stamp only Style 1 is available and you can mention it in Special Instructions that it should be made as security stamp.

Style 1 Style 2
Style 3 Style 4
Personal Stamp This pocket-sized stamp (available in 4 styles) is used for signing personal correspondence and documents, marking your books, and making special impressions on your business cards. With this stamp, you can “write” your name perfectly every time. Very popular. May require one of the translation packages.
Five-Claw Dragon Stamp Five-Claw Dragon Stamp The five-claw dragon was the emblem of Imperial China. It symbolized the ruling power over the five basic elements of the universe - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth - that were to belong to the Chinese emperors only. No other rulers at the time dared to violate this edict. The common and the Korean dragons have four claws and the Japanese one has only three. Thus, the five-claw dragon is truly the Lord of all dragons.