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How about Japanese names?

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Kanji Katakana
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Choosing between Kanji and Katakana

Many people ask us about Japanese names not realizing that Japanese names are written in Chinese characters. Japanese names are really Chinese names that are pronounced differently when spoken. There are two types of Japanese names.
  • Kanji Names: This is the main kind of Japanese name. Almost all Japanese people have names that are exclusively Kanji (kan- "Chinese," -ji "characters"). Thus, a Japanese name, when written, is simply a Chinese name.
  • Katakana Names: Katakana are extremely simplified kanji. The Japanese use them to write foreign names and words, and occasionally to highlight words as we do in English with italics.
From an aesthetic point of view, Kanji names are far superior for transliteration.
  • Kanji names have fewer and more complex symbols than Katakana names.
  • Kanji are rich in meaning; Katakana are visually meaningless, merely phonetic.
  • Most people find Kanji more pleasing to the eye, than Katakana.
In short, Kanji names are more concise, richer in meaning, and higher in aesthetic value.

At Good Characters, we transliterate your name into a Kanji (Chinese) name. We use traditional characters, standard or ancient script, for their classic and artistic value.

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