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Calligraphy Practice Paper Set

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Practice Paper Set
One of the best ways to master Chinese calligraphy is to learn from the best. Good Characters Calligraphy Practice Paper Set includes eight pages of principal writing examples from four of the best calligraphers in Chinese history. These calligraphy grid sheets have small and large red squares that act as guidelines. The 15 large squares on each sheet correspond to the calligraphy master example sheets. They are designed to help you practice and learn.
The outlined practice sheets included in your Paper Set help you learn simple and complicated characters by simply following the outlined guide. The set has 12 stroke practicing sheets and 45 character practicing sheets (shown above). You can use this set to learn 45 new characters and practice each character 15 times. Among the 57 outlined practice sheets are 12 stroke practice pages. The direction of movement is indicated with red arrowed lines so you can learn various stroke techniques. You can practice all essential strokes from 18 to 126 times.
Your Set Includes These Items
• 8 character example pages
• 30 blank grid papers
• 57 outlined practicing papers

$19.95 & Quantity discounts available when you purchase ten or more sets.
$9.95 flat rate for shipping entire order in the USA. See details for express and international shipping.
Ship Weight: 1 lb.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Better Together
Buy this set with Beginner's Calligraphy Kit
Blank Hanging Wall Scroll
Popular. This is a set of inexpensive practice paper for beginning artists. Includes 30 blank calligraphy grid papers, 57 character outline grid papers, and 8 pages of calligraphy examples by master calligraphers.

You will learn 120 characters from examples by master calligraphers, 45 characters from outlined practice sheets, and 30 essential strokes and techniques for writing them.

A popular gift item. Also popular for calligraphers who want to renew their skills.
Calligraphy Practice Paper Set
Item # Art-11


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