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Happy Father’s Day!

Fu-Qin-Jie Kuai-Le

Fu Qin (pronounced fuu cheen) is a father.

Jie (pronounced jee-eh) is a festival day or holiday.

Kuai Le (pronounced kwie-luh) is happiness, joy, pleasure, delight, or rejoicing.

So Father + Day + Happy, pronounced fuu cheen jee-eh kwie luh, Fu Qin Jie Kuai Le is how you say “Happy Father’s Day” in Mandarin Chinese.

If you click on the speaker icon, you will hear exactly how it is pronounced.

The original symbol for father is a picture of a hand wielding an ax. Think of a father as the provider for the household, working hard with an ax. You can remember this character in its modern form by the “x” shape of the character. X, ax.

Father’s Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide:

United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UK: Third Sunday of June
China and Taiwan: August 8

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