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Beginner's Chinese Calligraphy Kit

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Beginner's 7-Piece Calligraphy Set
This calligraphy kit has three brushes, one ink stick, one ink stone, one brush rest, and one water dropper. Each of these three traditional, handmade writing brushes has a long, tapered point of kolinsky mink hairs that is made specifically for Chinese and Japanese calligraphic writing or painting. The point is hand set in a water buffalo horn ferrule with natural bamboo handle. This set of quality large, medium, and small brushes is wonderful for a variety of subjects. They do fine lines and dots with extreme ease and delicacy. No more split tips. This is a dream for all calligraphers and artists. Delivers sharp, blade-like strokes perfect for lines, calligraphy, and signatures.
Often ignored, a brush rest is actually necessary for the creation of traditional Chinese calligraphy. Known as suzuri in Japan, the ink stone is a flat grinding stone used to make calligraphic ink. It has a sloping indentation that forms a small well at one end. Ink is made by grinding an ink stick on the plain, moistened ink stone. Even with the convenience of modern bottled ink, the traditional method is still favored by many calligraphers and brush painters. The process of slowly grinding the ink is said to produce more lively shades of ink and have the effect of calming one's mind. With this specially designed wooden case, your Calligraphy Kit is well protected and completely portable, ready for use anywhere. The character on the folded pink sheet is yong , which means "forever" or "eternal." The strokes that make up Chinese characters are traditionally classified into eight basic forms, all of which appears in the yong character. Chinese calligraphers believe that if you can master the yong character, you will be able to write any character with confidence and success.
The wooden carrying and storage case is designed so it can also act as a brush stand that can hold all three brushes. The wooden carrying and storage box is made to protect your Calligraphy Kit. The case will last for a very long time. It measures 11-5/16" x 3-3/4 " x 1-15/16". The entire kit weights 1.13 lbs. Open-case view from top.
Your Set Includes These Items
• Wolf Brush Small (8". Tip: 3/16" x 7/8")
• Wolf Brush Medium (8-1/16". Tip: 1/4" x 1")
• Wolf Brush Large (8-7/8". Tip: 3/8" x 1-3/8")
• Ink Stick (3" x 11/16" x 5/16")
• Ink Stone (5-5/16" x 3 " x 3/4")
• Water Dropper (3" x 1-1/2" x 5/8")
• Wooden Brush Rest (2-5/8" x 5/8" x 3/4")
• Wooden Storage Box (11-5/16" x 3-3/4 " x 1-15/16")

$59.95 & Quantity discounts available when you purchase ten or more sets.
$9.95 flat rate for shipping entire order in the USA. See details for express and international shipping.
Ship Weight: 3 lbs.
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
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Good Characters has worked with Lam Sam Yick, one of the most reputable Chinese brush makers for over a hundred years, to develop this quality calligraphy kit for the beginning calligrapher.

Unlike unbranded calligraphy kits that are good-looking but low quality, this kit's maker has put its reputation behind the product and the quality is guaranteed.

Includes three brushes, one ink stick, one ink stone, one brush rest, and one water dropper. Packaged in a wooden carrying and storage case ideal for travel.
Beginner's Chinese Calligraphy Kit
Item # Art-01


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