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Book of Wang Xizhi Calligraphy Panorama Sample Cal . . .

王羲之筆陣圖 (附大小楷) $6.95

Top Grade Goat Hair Fine Line Brush Large

正大白圭 $5.00

Four-Character Spring Couplet Paper (3 Sheets)

四字春聯 (三張入) $1.99

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Fine Lotus Orchid Land Rock
Drawing Fine Lines, Outlining, or Tracing Drawing Lotus Flowers or Lilies Drawing Orchids or Bamboo Drawing Landscapes Drawing Rocks, Horses, Pine or Fir Trees


It's time to order spring couplet papers and large brushes for the Chinese New Year!

2013-01-23 09:00:00 Good Characters

We have improved our logistics. Now out of stock items can be expected to be delivered in 2 weeks. Be sure to include your deadline in the Comments box during checkout if you have one.

2012-08-23 11:35:21 Good Characters

Please click on Details to make sure we have the product in stock. The Chinese New Year is coming soon and we will not be able to receive backordered products for weeks! Thank you and Happy New Year.

2011-01-25 17:50:18 Good Characters

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