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Chinese Alphabet iPhone App

Add mystery to your writing with Chinese “alphabet.”

You can now translate directly from written English to the Chinese “alphabet.” Type English sentences and this app will translate them to a Chinese “alphabet.” You can then e-mail the translation or copy and paste it to your own notes or documents.

Chinese alphabet

There is no such thing as Chinese alphabet. Or is there?

Chinese alphabet

Okay, truth be told, there is no such thing as a Chinese alphabet. But, just for fun, I have selected characters that are somewhat similar in appearance (not in sound!) to the letters of the English alphabet. They can be used like code.

Once you get a hold of this secret writing system, you no longer have to worry about others reading your diary or other secrets! Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans will recognize the characters, but the combination of characters won’t make sense to them. And people who cannot read Chinese won’t even try to read it.

The symbols used in this “alphabet” are real Chinese characters. All are either positive or neutral in meaning.


Alphabet: A complete Good Characters’ Chinese Alphabet in your pocket that you have access to offline anywhere and anytime, even without an Internet connection.

Meaning: Learn the true meaning behind each Chinese alphabet character with one touch.


Translator: Automatic translation from your written English to Chinese alphabet characters with the touch of a button.


You can also e-mail the translation to yourself or your friends. An Internet connection is required for this feature.


The translation provided by Chinese Alphabet is intended for personal use and entertainment only. Not recommended for tattoo artists to use this to tattoo their clients, iPhone app developers to localize Chinese apps, CIA agents to communicate national secrets, or security professionals to encrypt passwords.


Our aim is to help you learn basic Chinese characters in a fun way with little or no effort. We will provide free regular updates and improvements. Your comments or feature requests are very much appreciated because we want to improve this app and keep it relevant for you.

Chinese alphabet

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